In thirty years of woodworking I have come to appreciate and understand what it takes to make a quality piece of furniture that will last for generations. In this age of throw away mass produced furniture, it is important to me to craft furniture that will stand the test of time. My passion lies in the designs of Arts and Crafts or “Mission” furniture because it stresses function and unadorned beauty, strong simple construction and honest comfortable design.

The furniture I craft is produced using solid quarter sawn white oak. “Quarter sawn” is a method of sawing a log so the cut is made parallel to the wood’s grain instead of across. This special cut yields a limited number of top grade boards, takes much longer to dry and therefore is in high demand. Cutting the log in this manner reveals the distinctive medullary rays otherwise known as “ray flake”. This furniture is built using the most durable construction techniques used in cabinet making. This is not furniture that is mass produced. Each piece is made one at a time, to the best of my ability. I am so sure of the quality of construction and craftsmanship that each piece of furniture is initialed and dated. Only the best materials are used from quarter sawn white oak to the finest finish materials available today. There are no shortcuts.

This is furniture that will be handed down for generations. This is furniture of simple design that delights the human instincts. It is gratifying to me to produce a product that will bring pleasure and joy to the lives of the people that invest in it.

Thank You,
Merle Yoder
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